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Botox Cosmetics is an FDA-approved injectable that paralyzes motor nerve impulses within muscles by preventing release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine (ACh). Without ACh triggering nerve impulses within facial muscles, involuntary muscle contractions responsible for skin wrinkling and folding are virtually eliminated, leaving your skin smoother, wrinkle-free and younger-looking. Currently, Botox for men is the most popular, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure performed for men in the U.S. In fact, seven percent of all Botox treatments are done on men seeking to improve the appearance of their facial skin.

BOTOX for Men FAQ's

How is BOTOX used in Men?

A forehead wrinkle treatment that significantly improves moderate to severe glabellar lines (furrows between the brows), Botox® is also approved to reduce the appearance of fine lines extending from the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet). Botox® also works to temporarily decrease excessive armpit perspiration and may help relieve migraines.

What are BOTOX injections like?

Our BOTOX San Diego injections for men wrinkles consist of injections into the muscles responsible for wrinkles and frown lines using a very small needle. Most Botox® treatment sessions take less than 15 minutes, depending on the severity of the wrinkling. Men getting Botox injections report brief, minimal discomfort upon receiving injections. Anesthetic creams or cold packs may be used to numb the injection site if requested. No downtime is associated with Botox injections.

When are results for BOTOX for men visible?

Within a few days, men getting Botox will see improvements in frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles. Reduction of wrinkles generally continues for several weeks, with final results lasting as long as four to five months. However, individual results vary and depend on multiple factors such as skin condition, genetics and severity of wrinkling. Most men need repeat Botox injections every three to four months.

What happens when you stop receiving additional BOTOX injections?

Untreated skin simply returns to its original condition. Frown lines, furrows or crow’s feet will reappear gradually as motor nerve impulses begin contracting skin muscles once again.

Do BOTOX Injections cause side effects?

Common side effects associated with Botox for men include localized tenderness, slight bleeding and temporary bruising. Rarer side effects may be experienced by a small percentage of men: dry mouth, neck pain, blurry vision, drooping eyelids and headache. Your doctor will discuss all side effects that can occur from Botox injections and offer advice about whether you should seek medical attention.

How safe is BOTOX for men?

Botox for men has a well-established safety record. Used for wrinkle reduction as well as other medical issues for nearly 25 years, Botox® is one of the safest, minimally invasive treatments for smoothing facial wrinkles to allow skin to appear rejuvenated and youthful looking.

Before and After BOTOX Treatment

Avoid taking aspirin, NSAIDs, ibuprofen, Vitamin E, fish oil supplements and other anticoagulant medications several days before receiving Botox® injections. Men taking coumadin or warfarin should not be getting Botox injections. Also, do not drink alcohol 24 hours before your treatment.

After administration of Botox®, do not massage or rub the injection sites. Avoid heavy physical activity for at least 24 hours after receiving injections. Your doctor will advise you not to lie down (sitting upright is fine) for around four hours following treatment. The possibility exists that lying down may facilitate the spread of Botox to other parts of the body, which may cause unwanted side effects.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Updated May 20th, 2020

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We have added a new filtration system with bipolar ionization attached to multiple HVAC systems throughout our office and had HEPA filters installed. This filtration system is similar to ones that are in hospital operating rooms. It will create reduced virus zones. We also spray the entire office at night with Electrostatic which generates charged droplets that repel one another and actively seek out environmental surfaces, which they stick to and even wrap around to coat all sides and disinfects bacteria and viruses off any surface within 2 minutes.

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