Why is the Cutera Excel V + the gold standard in skin rejuvenation?

The science behind this latest generation Cutera laser system has raised the bar, with skincare experts across the globe thrilled with the results it achieves for a wide array of skin flaws and conditions. If you are considering undergoing a skin rejuvenation treatment, there is no more advanced system available planetwide than the Cutera Excel V + system available at Laser Cliniqúe in San Diego, our luxurious, private clinic for face and body enhancement.

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What can the Cutera Excel V do for my skin?

The Cutera Excel V + is one of the most advanced aesthetic laser systems in the world and can treat a range of skin issues, including:

  • Rosacea: Affecting over 14 million people in the US, rosacea can be an embarrassing condition where your facial skin appears as if you have acne or a skin disease. It is an inflammatory skin condition that can resolve with the help of the Cutera Excel V + system.
  • Reddened Skin: If your facial skin has reddened areas due to uneven pigment, it affects your overall look and can be difficult to hide with cosmetics.
  • Spider Veins: Various types of unsightly veins can be treated with this advanced system, including tiny spider veins appearing around the eyes and on other delicate facial areas. Removal of these veins can be achieved with this system.
  • Acne Scars: If you have uneven skin tone and your skin shows the ravages of previous acne breakouts, you have the opportunity to have smoother, evenly-toned skin with the help of the Cutera Excel V + — the latest generation of the Cutera system, now available at Laser Cliniqúe.
  • Sun Spots: If you have enjoyed the beautiful San Diego weather, spending your time swimming, tanning, surfing or boating, your skin may have paid a price. This system can remove sun spots, age spots, and other sun-exposure related damage in a fast, effective treatment that is virtually painless.
  • Age Spots: Flat brown, grey, or black spots on your skin, called age spots, are the result of excessive sun exposure, skin type and genetics. These discolorations give skin an aged look and can be removed with our advanced Cutera laser system, the Excel V +.
  • Pigmented Lesions: Pigmented skin lesions appear brown, black or blue. These skin flaws appear due to an excess of skin pigment or blood beneath the skin. These lesions are unsightly and can be removed with this revolutionary laser system.
  • Fine Lines: As you age, it is inevitable to see fine lines developing around your eyes, on your cheeks, and other facial areas. If you want to restore your skin quality so it is smoother and renewed, this system can produce a significant improvement.
  • Wrinkles: If you are dismayed to see the development of wrinkles on your facial skin, imagine your facial skin renewed, refreshed, with wrinkles smoothed and your skin looking youthful, supple and rejuvenated – that’s the beauty of the Cutera Excel V +.
  • Facial Scars: Facial scars will draw the eyes of others and are almost impossible to hide with makeup. If you need to smooth trauma scars, acne scars, or other facial scars, this custom facial rejuvenation treatment can trigger natural collagen growth – the perfect way to smooth your skin and camouflage facial scars with healthy tissue.
  • Mottled Neck Pigment (Sun Damage): If you see a mottled redness on your neck skin, you can achieve a significant change with the help of this revolutionary treatment.

How does Cutera Excel V + system work?

This advanced laser system offers premium technology with two clinically-proven wavelengths to restore, renew and rejuvenate your skin. It works through emitting two types of light energy and an advanced cooling system for the highest level of comfort – and safety. The flexibility of the system makes it possible to address both superficial and deeper vein and skin flaws. You have unique skin problems, and the Cutera Laser V Excel is the ultimate tool to help you achieve a remarkable change in your skin quality and appearance.

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What is treatment with Cutera Excel V like to experience?

Unlike many other skin rejuvenation treatments, no injections or topical anesthetic is needed to keep you comfortable. You will be resting comfortably during your treatment, which takes just 15 to 30 minutes to complete. The handpiece is placed over the area to be treated, whether unsightly facial veins or areas of skin discoloration. The proprietary cooling system will make your treatment easy to experience – and you will experience results you can see and feel.


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