What is a Sculptra Butt Lift?

Sculptra is a specially developed, non-invasive volumizer that adds volume to a flat or small butt. The product is able to achieve this in a simple treatment while also stimulating natural collagen growth. Sculptra is injected just below the skin in a quick, convenient procedure that involves no downtime. After injection, the body is triggered to produce more collagen while filling out droopy, saggy tissues. Results can last up to two years.

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How a Sculptra butt lift works

Sculptra is frequently referred to as a “dermal filler”, but it’s actually more of a volumizer. This makes it different than dermal fillers because it starts collagen production, which fillers don’t do. Results also take longer with Sculptra than with dermal fillers, because Sculptra works by building collagen. Sculptra’s active ingredient is poly-L-lactic acid, a biocompatible synthetic substance that boosts collagen production. Therefore, when Sculptra is injected, it begins the process of restoring volume because it kickstarts the collagen process by using this poly-L-lactic acid. 

Sculptra butt lift recovery and results 

One of the best benefits of Laser Cliniqúe's Sculptra butt lift is that there is very little recovery time required. Downtime is very minimal with a Sculptra butt lift. There may be some mild bruising for 1-2 weeks, and you may feel some soreness for a few days after the procedure. We recommend that you avoid intense exercise for 48 hours. At about four weeks, you’ll start see results, with outcome being finalized at eight weeks. That’s how long the collagen production process usually takes. You will notice more shape and volume, reduced appearance of cellulite, and tighter skin. These results can last up to two years. 

How much do Sculptra Butt Lift treatments cost?

For those seeking a non-surgical solution to achieve a fuller and shapelier buttock, Laser Clinique in San Diego offers the Sculptra Butt Lift at a competitive cost of $2,999 for 4 vials. This innovative treatment involves the injection of Sculptra, a safe and FDA-approved dermal filler, to stimulate collagen production and gradually enhance the volume and contour of your buttocks. With no surgery or downtime required, you can enjoy a more sculpted and youthful-looking rear end at an affordable price. Trust our experienced specialists to help you achieve the curves you desire with the Sculptra Butt Lift.

Sculptra butt lift benefits

  • Adds subtle lift and volume to a flat or small butt
  • Minimally invasive and non-surgical
  • Quick and convenient treatment time
  • Short recovery time
  • Natural-looking results
  • Improved appearance of cellulite
  • Usually lasts up to two years
  • Enhanced confidence

Laser Cliniqúe Sculptra Butt Lift Before & Afters

Sculptra butt lift vs. a Brazilian butt lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a very popular cosmetic procedure that is similiar to a Sculptra butt lift in that it also adds volume to the buttocks. However, a Brazilian butt lift uses extra fat from another area of the patient’s own body to inject instead of using Sculptra. (The extra fat is ususally taken from the stomach, hips, thighs, or flanks.) Although the Brazilian butt lift is an effective procedure, many individuals don’t have enough fat for a Brazilian butt lift to work. In this case, Sculptra is an excellent alternative. 

What happens during a Sculptra butt lift procedure?

After your consultation with us in which we determine if you’re a good candidate for a Sculptra butt lift, your appointment will be scheduled. The day of your procedure, your skin will be cleansed, numbed with a topical anesthetic, and marked to help guide your specialist. Once you’re ready, the injections will be administered using a fine needle. Lidocaine will also help numb as the needles work. Every patient will be different, but the average amount of vials used for a Sculptra butt lift is five per side.

Does a Sculptra butt lift work for hip dips?

Yes. Sculptra is an excellent option for patients who are interested in improving the contour of their hips by rounding out their “dips”. Sculptra is fantastic for plumping out the skin, making it ideal for bothersome hip dips. Typically it takes 20-30 vials and 2-3 sessions to achieve the desired results.

Who is a good candidate for a Sculptra butt lift?

If you’re in the San Diego area and you’re interested in a Sculptra butt lift, it may be the ideal treatment for you. You will need to visit us for a consultation before treatment, but in general, those who are good candidates for Sculpta are those who:

  • Want to increase size, volume, and contour of your butt
  • Do not want surgery
  • Want long-lasting results, but not necessarily permanent
  • Are in overall good health
  • Are at a stable weight
  • Do not have allergies to the ingredients of Sculptra
  • Have realistic expectations for what a Sculptra butt lift can do

Why choose Laser Cliniqúe for your nonsurgical butt lift?

At Laser Cliniqúe, we care about each and every patient as an individual. Our focus is on achieving truly remarkable results in every treatment we perform, and you will notice the difference when you visit us. As the highest 5-star reviewed medspa in Southern California, we have been providing excellent service and personalized care for each and every patient who walks through our door since 2005. Our founder and medical director, Dr. P. Alexander Ataii, is a skilled skincare specialist and the Patients’ Choice Award winner from 2007 to 2020. If you’re looking for some of the best Sculptra services in the San Diego area, you’re in the right place — and we invite you to contact us to set up your consultation.


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