Where are you located and hours of operation?

We are located at 9200 Scranton Road, Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92121 right off highway 805. Our hours of operation are M-F 9:30am-6:30pm and Saturdays 9:00am-3:00pm. Please be aware that Saturday and evening appointments fill up fast and may take several weeks to accomodate.

How many groupons can one person purchase?

Potential clients can purchase 2 groupons for themselves which can either be used for 2 different areas for 3 treatments each or one area for 6 treatments.

How do I schedule my appointment?

You can contact us or call us at 888-406-4801.

Who performs the laser hair removal?

Treatments will be performed by a group of very well trained and experienced aesthetic laser registered nurses. All treatment parameters will be overseen by P. Alexander Ataii, MD, our onsite Medical Director.

What if I want an area treated that is not included in this Groupon?

We have packages available for every body part, please call our office at 888-406-4801 for pricing information.

How much hair reduction will I notice with the treatments?

Most patients will notice 70-90% overall reduction on the areas being treated after 6 treatments. Results depend upon your skin type, the color of your hair, how coarse or fine your hair grows and how tan your skin is. We recommend to avoid tanning your skin before and after each treatment for at least 2 weeks.

What kind of laser do you guys use for laser hair removal?

We utilize 3 different lasers for hair removal in our practice . We have the latest model Lumenis Lightsheer Duet to cover multiple areas quickly and efficiently. Please see laser hair removal page for further description. We also use the Lumenis Lightsheer XC which works on all skin types. We use the Q-switched Nd Yag laser for darker skin types. Please note the Lumenis Lightsheer Duet laser has a $9 per area per session surcharge.

Does the treatment hurt?

Most patients tolerate the treatment very well. Most patients say if feels like a slight rubberband snap. We provide ice prior to the treatment. We do offer numbing cream for an additional $20 per session per cup if desired. Generally speaking treating the Extended Bikini Line requires one cup but if treating the Full Arms it may require 2 cups.

How long have you been in business?

We have successfully been in business in this location for more than 8 years.

What is considered the extended bikini line?

The extended bikini is any hair in the groin area including the labia.

I would like to remove all of my bikini hair, what is that considered and how much will that cost?

This Groupon includes either the Extended Bikini or the Brazialian.

  • Extended Bikini is the area that covers the entire front of the bikini including the labia.
  • Brazialian is treatment to the Extended Bikini plus it treats all the way back to the anus.

What does the full face laser hair removal treatment cover?

The full face includes the upper lip, lower lip, chin, jawline, cheeks and sideburns. It does NOT include the forehead, nose or eyebrows.

If I have been seen at Laser Cliniqúe before, can I purchase a Groupon and use it for another area?

Absolutely, new and established patients can use this Groupon special.

Why do I need to shave prior to coming in for my treatment?

The laser targets the hair follicle (underneath the skin) which prevents them from growing back. You will need to shave the day before or the morning of your treatment. You should shave in between treatments as often as possible. You should NOT wax, tweeze, pluck or thread your hair for 2-4 weeks prior your first treatment. Please see the before and after treatment information by clicking treatment instructions above.

If I start with one area with this Groupon, can I change it to another area?

You are NOT able to transfer your certificate to another area once you have started the treatments. Only 1 certificate per area. Remember, you need at least 6 or more treatments to get the full benefits of laser hair removal.

Will laser hair removal work for blonde, white or gray hair?

Laser hair removal is NOT ideal for light color hair such as blond, white and/or gray hair. Laser hair removal is more effective for dark colored hairs. Recently a product by the name of Meladine has come to the aesthetic market to help enhance the melanin in the hair follicle in order for the laser to be more effective.

Can I do multiple areas during one session?

Yes, you can treat as many areas as you would like per session.

How often do I come in for my treatments?

Treatment times vary with which areas are being treated and their hair growth cycle. Generally, treatments to face and neck are typically spaced out every 4 to 6 weeks. From your neck to your toes, treatments are spaced out every 6 to 8 weeks.

Do all treatments need to be completed by the expiration date?

No, as long as you have had your 1st treatment before the expiration date, it will cover all remaining treatments.

How many treatments will I need to remove my unwanted underarm hair?

We recommend a minimum of 6 treatments. Each treatment will be spaced out every 6 to 8 weeks. Some people may need more treatments depending on the ethnicity, hair color and thickness of the hair. Most patients are very happy after 6 treatments.

Is it safe to have laser hair removal during pregnancy?

Although it is completely safe to have laser hair removal during pregnancy, we choose not to treat the bikini or abdominal area if you are pregnant.

Is it safe to have laser hair removal while breastfeeding?

Laser hair removal is also safe in women whom are lactating but we choose not to treat the chest or areola area while a patient is breatfeeding.

Do you guys offer discounted rates for additional treatments?

Yes, please call us for details of our pricing structure for additional treatments and treatments to other areas at 888-406-4801.

If I buy two groupons, can I use one on my underarms and the other on my extended bikini?

Yes, absolutely.

If my groupon was given to me as a gift, but it has a different name on it, can I still use it?

Yes, please print your groupon and bring it with you at your initial visit and we will be able to honor it.

Does the extended bikini line include the happy trail (lower navel)?

No, the extended bikini line and happy trail(lower navel) are considered two different areas.

If I buy two groupons can I combine them and exchange them for a larger area like my legs?

Unfortunately, the groupon is only good for the areas listed.

I only have a few chin hairs, can I have them include it with my upper lip?

Unfortunately the chin and upper lip are considered 2 different areas. It doesn’t matter how much hair there is in a certain area because we still need to treat the entire area for at least 6 treatments.

If I get 2 groupons for myself, can my boyfriend gift me 2 groupons (making a total of 4 that I would use?)

Unfortunately, you can only redeem 2 groupons per person.

Will I have to tip the nurse after each treatment?

Tipping is not expected, but is optional and appreciated.

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