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PRP Therapy has been steadily gaining in popularity as an effective, natural, non-invasive treatment to refresh and rejuvenate facial skin. And don’t be concerned – you don’t have to wait for the sun to go down to come to Laser Cliniqúe and experience PRP in San Diego!

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How PRP Therapy Got its Name

The procedure derives its name from the fact that it involves the use of a small quantity of your own blood – about two tablespoons, in fact. Once the blood is withdrawn, it is spun in a centrifuge, which separates the blood into two products: concentrated platelets – tiny cells that are rich in growth and healing properties – and red blood cells.

The red blood cells are discarded, leaving a solution known as “Platelet Rich Plasma,” or PRP. The healing properties of PRP are well established. Athletes have used PRP to speed healing from injuries with inflammation, swelling and pain that take them off the field or court. PRP has also been used to treat variety of conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, hip, knee and ankle sprains, tennis elbow, tendonitis, shoulder pain and wound healing.

Natural Skin Regeneration

PRP is the natural ingredient that enables PRP Therapy to improve a wide range of cosmetic issues. PRP works to trigger natural skin regeneration, giving your skin a smoother, fresher, younger appearance. Considering the relative speed and simplicity with which it can be delivered, PRP in San Diego has become a sought-after anti-aging treatment we offer at Laser Cliniqúe.

How Is PRP Therapy Performed?

The first step in the procedure is to draw some of your blood – only a small quantity, similar to a typical blood test. Once extracted, it is then processed to isolate the PRP. The PRP is then injected into the skin in a specific pattern so the product can enter all targeted areas.

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Facial Rejuvenation with PRP Therapy

The growth factors in PRP promotes healing and rejuvenation, including stimulating the growth of new collagen – the supporting natural fibers in the skin tissue that nature provides in abundance in your youth, and diminishes as you age. It is collagen that is responsible for the supple, fresh, smooth, elastic skin of children.

PRP Therapy does its magic by triggering natural collagen production, with your facial skin looking fresher, younger, and tighter as the weeks pass. The procedure takes almost no time to complete and is easy to experience. Ready to do something effective about aging skin without surgery? PRP in San Diego may be the perfect solution for you.

After Your PRP Therapy Treatment

PRP Therapy is comparatively gentle and does not subject you, or your face, to the stress or trauma of surgery or other invasive skin resurfacing treatments. The treatment does not involve the use of anesthetics. You won’t have any bandages or stitches to be concerned about, and you will not have to go into hiding after treatment.

It’s possible that you will experience some minor side effects, though, including:

  • Depending on the area treated, you could have minor swelling for a day or two.
  • You may experience some other redness.
  • You could experience some minor itching, bruising or other skin irritation.

Things not to do after PRP Therapy:

  • Don’t undertake strenuous activity for a day or two.
  • Avoid facial scrubs and heavy makeup for seven days.
  • Keep sun exposure to a minimum for seven days.

You’ll begin to see a difference within a few days of your treatment, and within three to four weeks the changes will become truly noticeable and will continue to improve for two to three months. The glowing, younger looking skin created by the treatment lasts about 18 months. Many of our patients have made PRP Therapy part of their standard beauty regimen to help retain the rejuvenated, tighter, smoother skin.

Should I Get PRP Therapy?

Before receiving PRP Therapy in La Jolla, we will speak with you about the procedure and review your medical history. While this is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, you will still need to be in good general heath to be an appropriate candidate.

If you are troubled by any of the following issues, PRP Therapy could be an excellent option:

  • You feel that you have too many facial wrinkles or fine lines.
  • Your skin appears to be thinning.
  • You consider your complexion to be “blotchy.”
  • Your skin has a dull, grey appearance. (This can be caused by reduced blood flow.)
  • The area under your eyes has a hollow look.
  • Your skin has lost elasticity and is sagging to an extent that is unacceptable to you.
  • You could describe the overall appearance of your face as “droopy.”
  • You have the signs of sun damage on your face.

Even if you recognize some of these issues as things you would like to address, you would not be a candidate for this procedure in certain cases:

  • You have a chronic medical condition that is not under control.
  • You are currently receiving chemotherapy.
  • You are pregnant, or are breastfeeding your child.
  • You have a blood disorder or blood infection.
  • You are taking a blood thinner.
  • You have a condition that is adversely affecting your immune system.

Additional Treatments

Every individual is unique. For some people, additional treatments will produce even more incredible results, including the use of advanced hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to restore lost volume, smooth lines and wrinkles, or plump lips. What is your personal vision? We listen, we hear you, and we guide you towards treatments that produce natural-looking results, including PRP Therapy.

How much do treatments cost?

At Laser Clinique in San Diego, we offer a range of treatments to address your specific aesthetic needs. For hand rejuvenation with our Hand Filler, you can achieve youthful-looking hands for $1,600 for both. To target the under-eye area with Tear Trough Fillers, our prices range from $839 to $1,768, providing tailored solutions for your concerns. Should you require filler correction, we offer Hylenex at $375 per session to dissolve the filler gently. Additionally, our PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy, which promotes skin rejuvenation, is available at prices starting from $450 and can go up to $875, depending on the area you wish to treat. Count on us for effective and customizable treatments that meet your specific needs and budget.

Connect with Us About PRP Therapy

A consultation at Laser Cliniqúe will help bring things into focus, verifying that the path you are considering will enable you to achieve your specific goals and that there are no health issues that need to be addressed before you take the next step.


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