Besides smooth and hairless skin, untidy hair pushing from around your bikini bottoms or intimate wear can be embarrassing and dampen your confidence. Brazilian laser hair removal is a perfect solution to unwanted hair in your bikini area. This treatment provides a clean, smooth, and confident feeling without any fuss or hassle.

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How does Brazilian laser hair removal work?

Before your Brazilian laser hair removal begins, your registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant will apply cooling methods to the area to soothe the skin.

Once your treatment starts, the laser emits concentrated light energy that targets and damages hair follicles, which stops the growth of hair. The treatment is short and precise. Once the treatment is complete, the portion of the hair shaft beneath the skin is pushed out over the new few days. This leaves the remaining follicle inactive and empty. 

The treatment is required to address each follicle during their growth stage. Several treatments over a period of time are done to ensure all of the hair follicles in the area are treated. Each hair removal session should only last 5 to 20 minutes.

What are the benefits of Brazilian laser hair removal? 

Dr. Ataii's Brazilian laser hair removal in San Diego has a number of benefits:

  • Provides smooth, hairless skin in the sensitive bikini area and public region
  • No more irritation, rashes, or ingrown hairs in the area
  • Time saved that was spent dealing with shaving, plucking, and waxing
  • An effective, simple treatment
  • Customizable for your personal aesthetic
  • Boosts confidence

Bikini laser hair removal vs. Brazilian laser hair removal

When using laser hair removal in the intimate pubic area, there are two types of treatments: bikini laser hair removal or Brazilian laser hair removal. Both a bikini and a Brazilian treatment will eliminate the hairs that peek out from a swimsuit or intimate wear, providing you with a neat, tidy appearance that allows total confidence.

Bikini laser hair removal

Bikini laser hair removal eliminates the hair outside of the front triangle of the pubic area. The treatment removes about an inch or two of hair on the outside of the bikini front triangle. This removes any hair that might show or brim over around the sides of your underwear.

Brazilian laser hair removal

A Brazilian includes a variety of different hair removal styles that remove all or almost all pubic hair from the pubic region. In addition to removing hair from the bikini line, a Brazilian removes the hair from the sides of the labia, the anus and area between the buttocks, the front pubic area, and everywhere else, based on what you desire to have addressed in your intimate region. While a full Brazilian removes everything, leaving no hair whatsoever, the treatment is completely customizable. You can choose to leave a rectangular strip, a triangle, or a custom design.

Preparing for your Brazilian laser hair removal

For a month to six weeks before your treatment, do not pluck or wax the hair in your bikini area. Your hair follicles will need to be intact for the laser hair removal to be effective. 

For a week before your treatment, avoid anything that might irritate the bikini area, including any harsh products. Keep your bikini area out of direct sun or tanning beds, and avoid sunless tanning products. 

One day before your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, shave your bikini area in the style you desire. During treatment, your laser specialist will only laser the areas you’ve shaved.

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Aftercare Following Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian laser hair removal treatment doesn’t require downtime or substantial recovery. After your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment at our San Diego office, we will apply a soothing Aloe Vera gel to cool the skin. During the first few hours after your treatment, your skin may begin to swell or redden. This is completely typical, and it fades with the continued application of a soothing Aloe Vera gel.

Keep the treated area out of the sun and away from the beach or outdoor pool for about a week. You’ll begin to notice treated hair falling out 7 to 21 days after your treatment.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost

The cost of your Brazilian laser hair removal in San Diego depends on the treatment size, how much hair is removed from the area, and the number of sessions required to achieve the results you want. During your consultation, we’ll discuss exactly what your needs are and design a specific treatment plan to meet your needs. 

Each month you’ll find special pricing on laser hair removal and other cosmetic enhancements. Check out our specials page for potential savings on your Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. 

How painful is Brazilian laser hair removal?

The sensation of laser hair removal in the pubic region is similar to laser hair removal on other parts of the body, although the pubic area can be more sensitive. Most patients compare the sensation to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin. We will monitor your comfort throughout your treatment, which is short and over quickly.

Why choose Laser Clinique for Brazilian laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is one of our main specialties at Laser Clinique. We provide personalized, professional care for clients who want to remove hair from the pubic area and experience the greater ease and freedom that Brazilian laser hair removal provides.

We love to see the happiness and satisfaction our patients have after laser hair removal treatments. Laser Clinique has a well-earned reputation for being a friendly, passionate, patient-centered practice that values patients and their exceptional results above all else. If you’re in the San Diego area and are considering laser hair removal, we invite you to reach out to us! We look forward to serving you.


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