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Ever Wonder What Causes Dark Circles Under The Eyes?
There are any number of contributing circumstances that can cause or exacerbate dark circles under your eyes. For starters, this condition may have a heredity link. As an example, if your parents or siblings have dark circles, it’s pretty safe to assume there’s a genetic link.

Other factors include tissue loss in the delicate under eye area, thinning skin, lack of a proper sleep schedule or sleep deprivation, allergies, pigmentation, high-stress levels, and excessive salt consumption that causes fluid retention in the body. Too much salt is detrimental to your health because it not only affects your under eye area but also causes a puffy face.

Whether you’re male or female, it’s important to make it a point to use a high-quality night cream. Additionally, women should make it a point to very carefully remove your makeup at night so you don’t contribute to under-eye problems.

Remove all of your makeup with a moist cotton pad using short upward strokes from the chin upward. Around your eyes, take a fresh cotton pad with makeup remover and gently remove eye makeup from the inside corner of your upper lid around the eye to the outer edge. Turn the cotton pad over and slowly work your way under the eye to the inner corner. We can’t stress the word gentle enough because the skin around your eye is paper thin.

And, for more reasons than one, if you smoke, make it a point to kick the habit.

Advances in Treatment Options for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

This condition is not something that one has to live with, not with the technological advances and non-surgical treatments that are available. Today, there are very effective ways to lighten the dark circles caused by increased pigmentation under the eyes, prominent tear troughs and thinning aging skin.

As you age, there is something known as hyaluronic acid (HA) in your skin that decreases naturally, This causes unwanted issues affecting the way we look.   Restylane can successfully be used to replace the HA in your skin and treat the tear troughs which contribute to dark circles since the troughs become hollow as we age.

It’s easy to solve these issues with Restylane by simply replacing the HA in your skin and rebuilding the volume in your dermis for a fresh and younger look. The beauty of Restylane treatments is that it’s a long lasting HA gel treatment.  In fact, it lasts up to 9 to 12 months.

Truly amazing results can also be achieved with the use of cosmetic treatments for dark circles under the eyes through dermatological services such IPL photo rejuvenation treatments provided by Laser Clinique in San Diego. This treatment procedure uses pulses of broad-spectrum light to penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin.

Other beauty options include innovative non-surgical treatments such as fractional laser resurfacing which are designed to treat dark circles under the eyes, lift the area around the eyebrows, and reduce loose skin and smooth fine wrinkles around the eyes.

Laser Clinique’s track record speaks for itself with over 11,500 Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photo rejuvenation treatments during the past nine years. For more details, please visit Laser Clinique in San Diego. The highly respected facility also offers a variety of treatments from Laser Hair Removal with over 60,000 treatments during the past nine years to Laser Resurfacing with over 3,500 procedures used to treat lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks.

These cutting-edge beauty solutions are used to achieve incredible results.

Choose Your Beauty Products With Care

One of Laser Clinique’s featured products is SkinMedica Retinol 1.0. This unique and very popular product contains multiple forms of the all important vitamin A that improves the appearance of fine lines and sun-damaged skin. Additionally, it enhances, revitalizes, and renews skin texture.  It’s important to note that this sustained release formulation delivers vitamin A very slowly to minimize irritation which allows for nightly use. 

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You don’t have to live with dark circles under your eyes … not with today’s treatment options.

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