• No scrubs or facial exfoliation on the day of treatment.
  • Men should not shave two days prior to treatment. 
  • No waxing in treated areas one week prior to treatment. 
  • No peels, laser resurfacing or medical grade exfoliation within two weeks of treatment.
  • Cannot have active Herpes Simplex blisters/ cold sores. 
  • Cannot be pregnant or lactating.
  • Use suggested home care regimen to optimize results of treatment.


  • Day 1: Intense depigmentation 🕒 8-12 hrs
    After the amount of time indicated by your provider (between 8 -12 hours) the mask must be removed by carefully rinsing with warm water. Repeat until the product is completely eliminated. 24-48 hours after removing the mask, the skin may be sensitive, tight and red. Apply melan recovery over the treated area.

  • Day 2: Continuous depigmentation 🕒 1 day
    After cleansing apply melan recovery followed by melan 130+ pigment control.  In case of continuous sun exposure, reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. 
  • Month 1: Control of hyperpigmentation  🕒 1 month
    Starting Day 3-7 (depending on skin sensitivity) apply Cosmelan 2 two times a day (morning and night) followed by melan recovery 15 minutes later. At daytime, apply melan 130+ pigment control.  In case of continuous sun exposure, reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.  In this phase you can usually feel itching, burning and notice the skin dryer and tight. The skin can be irritated, sensitised and may start to peel.

  • Month 2-6: Controlling reappearance 🕒 5 months
    Apply Cosmelan 2 at night, followed by melan recovery 15 minutes later.  Apply melan 130+ pigment control every morning. In this phase you will notice skin has recovered its hydration levels, has stabilized and looks even and renewed.

**IN THE CASE OF EXTREME SENSITIVITY during any phase, consider spacing out the applications of cosmelan 2, without abandoning the treatment altogether.**

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call our office: 888-406-4801


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