The most important factor in treating skin problems is to have the condition identified by a skin care specialist. The following are some of the most common skin problems and treatments.

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Eczema is common term used for a class of medical conditions that can cause the skin to become irritated and inflamed. In the United States an estimated 10-20% of all infants and approximately 3% of children and adults are affected by eczema. Although there is no exact cause for eczema, it is believed that eczema may be caused by the body’s overactive response by the immune system to an irritant. Eczema is also common for those who have a family member with a history of asthma or allergies. Flare-ups are often a response to certain conditions or substances. Eczema is not contagious nor is it spread to other people. The primary goal when treating eczema is prevention and relief of the itching. Itching may lead to infection. Eczema causes the skin to become dry and itchy, so lotions and creams are often used to keep the skin moist. A dermatologist may also prescribe creams or ointment to ease the inflammation and itchiness or an antibiotic if the areas become infected.


Psoriasis begins as tiny, red bumps, which become larger and scaly. Although the skin looks thicker with psoriasis, if the scale are picked at and/or rubbed off, the affected area will bleed easily. Psoriasis can also be extremely itchy and cause cracked, pitted or loose nails. If you have a rash that does not heal, it is important to see your dermatologist to determine if the rash is psoriasis.

It is thought that psoriasis is the result of an abnormal immune system, which causes the skin to become inflamed, which triggers new skin cells to quickly develop. Typically, old skin cells are replaced with new ones about every 28-30 days, however, with psoriasis; the new cells grow then move to the skins surface in about 3-4 days. The silver scales of psoriasis are due to new cells replacing the buildup of old cells.

There are several treatments available for psoriasis. An expert skin care specialist will first evaluate your skin, where the rash is, how severe the rash is and a variety of other factors to determine the best treatment for you. Some of the common treatments for psoriasis include steroid creams, retinoid cream, moisturizers and/or light therapy as well as a variety of other treatment options.


Acne begins when the skins sebaceous glands cause secretions that plug up the hair follicle openings. When an opening is large, blackheads appear and if the opening is small, whiteheads appear. Both types of acne (clogged pores) can cause swelling, inflammation, pimple and/or nodules.

Acne is typically associated with adolescence; however, adult acne is also common. Acne is typically on the face; however, it can occur on the back, neck, shoulders, chest and upper arms as well. The primary cause of acne is due to heredity and/or hormones.

There are a number of effective treatments for acne and your dermatologists will do a thorough examination of your skin to determine the best treatment for you. Some of the most common acne treatments include over the counter medication, oral contraceptives and cosmetic procedures such as photodynamic therapy, Blu-U light therapy, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion/vibradermabrsion.

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Rosacea, a common disorder that affects the skin on the face causing the chin, nose, forehead and/or cheeks to become red. The redness, over time, can become more severe and blood vessels may be noticeable. Although the exact cause of rosacea is unknown, there are a variety of theories on why it exists. Some of the primary signs of rosacea may include persistent redness, flushing, bumps/pimples and/or visible blood vessel. The appearance of rosacea varies among each individual and not all of the signs and symptoms appear at the same time. Your dermatologist will conduct an exam of the symptoms and signs and will ask about your medical history. It is important to let your dermatologist know about any problems you have on your face. The treatment for rosacea depends on your signs and symptoms, but the most common types of rosacea treatment includes, medications and laser procedures such as IPL treatments to visibly remove blood vessels or reduce the amount of redness on the face.


Fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles are common skin problems that can cause unwanted attention to your face. There are a number of treatments available to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other skin problems that are related to aging. Some of the most common anti-aging treatments include facial filler, Botox, chemical peels and laser resurfacing. Your dermatologist will examine your face and discuss in detail the various options available for your individual skin problem and the anti-aging treatments best suited for your needs.

As an expert skin care specialist for the most prestigious medspa in San Diego, P. Alexander Ataii continually strives to improve his patient's skin through various corrective procedures, each of which are completely tailored for each individual client. If you are suffering with a skin condition, our expert staff will be happy to answer your questions and concerns.

Medical Director & Founder Dr. P. Alexander Ataii

P. Alexander Ataii, M.D. is the Medical Director and Founder of Laser Cliniqúe in San Diego. He is a skilled skin care specialist who focuses on all aspects of the skin both diagnostic and cosmetic. 

  • Injects 140,000 units of Botox per year
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