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We know that sun exposure, diet, and even stress levels can cause wrinkles. Now cosmetic surgeons tell us that our cell phones cause them, too. If reports are to be believed, everything we do impact the condition of our skin.

It wasn’t long ago when a cell phone seemed like a luxury rather than a necessity. Today, cell phone subscriptions have topped six billion worldwide. That’s more than triple what they were just one decade ago. Still, who would have thought that users would need to see a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for wrinkle treatment due to the use of cell phones?

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently released a study saying that the use of a cell phone can make the user look prematurely aged. Although they have not named the condition, they report that cell phone users can develop lines and creases after spending an excessive amount of time texting and checking email. They suspect it’s the continual downward gaze toward the phone that is causing users to experience more lines and creases on their necks than they would have developed naturally.

There’s also the “squint factor.” It has long been known that excessive squinting leads to lines around the eyes. The suspicion is that cell phone users squint at their devices for any number of reasons. If they are of a certain age, they may simply have a tougher time reading the small print. Even younger users, though, may squint to check a message on a phone in a movie theater or class.

For years, golfers and other physically active adults have been told that wearing sunglasses outdoors will help them avoid squinting — thereby avoiding premature wrinkles. This preventative measure does not help anyone who is squinting due to cell phone use.

Some dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon offices are now offering facials or lasers specially designed for cell phone users. These facials include cleansings, peels and hydration treatments and/or fractional laser treatment, ultherapy or intense pulsed light treatment to address specific facial anatomy. And of course, there is always Botox Cosmetic and dermal fillers such as Juvederm Injectible Gel for those who have truly been on their cell phone too much.

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