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CoolSculpting is an incredibly popular fat reduction procedure based on cryolipolysis, aka “fat freezing” methodology. It’s a minimally-invasive and nonsurgical procedure that freezes fat cells until they’re gradually metabolized by your body, reducing fat tissues significantly. This procedure is incredibly quick, produces fast results, and doesn’t depend on long-term dieting and exercise.

Understandably, it has become one of the most popular fat reduction techniques available.

But our San Diego CoolSculpting isn’t necessarily suitable for everyone. Besides medical contraindications, several other factors determine if you’re a suitable candidate for cryolipolysis. This article aims to break down all the factors determining who is or isn’t a good candidate for CoolSculpting.

You’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting if you…

  • 1. Have small pockets of stubborn fat

CoolSculpting targets small pockets of stubborn fat in specific regions. Sometimes, no matter how much you diet or exercise, you can’t get rid of some small fat pockets. Perhaps you have a layer of fat in your back; perhaps it’s in your lower abdomen; or thighs. Wherever it may be, CoolSculpting can target and subsequently freeze specific and localized pockets of fat. If you want to determine if you qualify, try pinching or grabbing the fat layer. If it’s soft and fits within your fingers, you can probably try CoolSculpting.

  • 2. Have realistic expectations about the results

CoolSculpting isn’t an immediate or one-and-done procedure. You need to understand exactly what the procedure entails and have realistic expectations to qualify for the treatment. You’ll need to go for multiple CoolSculpting sessions over an extended period because each session will only reduce the targeted fat layer by 20 to 25%. Furthermore, you’ll see the results gradually over several months, imitating the natural exercise-based weight loss process, so you shouldn’t expect to see the fat layer gone immediately after the first session.

  • 3. Want to contour your body

CoolSculpting isn’t a weight-loss procedure but rather a body sculpting procedure; it’s in the name — CoolSCULPTING. So the right candidate is already close to their ideal body weight but simply wants to remove stubborn fat layers to achieve the ideal contour or silhouette. This isn’t the correct procedure for those who want a dramatic body transformation. 

You’re NOT a good candidate for CoolSculpting if you…

  • 1. Have excessively sagging skin tissues

CoolSculpting isn’t suitable for people with extreme skin laxity or sagging skin tissues, such as people who have gone through a sudden and drastic weight loss. The CoolSculpting procedure may reduce the fat layer even further, but it won’t address the hanging skin tissues. However, if you have mild skin laxity, you can combine CoolSculpting with a skin tightening procedure for optimal results. Discuss your options with your plastic surgeon.

  • 2. Want to achieve weight loss

CoolSculpting is a body contouring procedure — NOT a weight loss procedure. Sure, it removes fat layers, but only minimal amounts of stubborn fat. As such, it’s not suitable for people who are overweight, obese or have large areas with excess fat layers. You can’t opt for CoolSculpting instead of dieting and exercise — instead, you should opt for CoolSculpting once your body is already close to your ideal weight.

  • 3. Want to remove intra-abdominal fat

CoolSculpting can only remove the subcutaneous fat, i.e., the soft and pinchable fat layer. CoolSculpting can’t remove the intra-abdominal fat layer, i.e., the fat tissues lying underneath the muscles. Currently, there’s no surgical or nonsurgical treatment to remove intra-abdominal fat.

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