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During pregnancy, it is important to make the right choices to ensure the safety of your unborn child. This means restricting caffeine, cutting out foods or drinks that may harm your baby, as well as getting the right amounts of rest and exercise. There are also concerns about beauty treatments that may have an impact on your child. Hair dye and other beauty products are generally off limits during pregnancy, as these products can release chemicals that can hurt an unborn child. If you are wondering if a Botox treatment will have a negative effect on your child, we’ve put together some information to help you make the right decision for you and your baby.

Is Botox Safe?

Not much is known about the effects of Botox treatments on unborn babies. Experts recommend that you skip your Botox treatments until after your child is born. This will ensure that your child stays safe throughout your pregnancy, and gets a healthy start in life. Though doctors that have used Botox on pregnant patients have reported no adverse side effects, the FDA still cautions against Botox during pregnancy. An official statement from the FDA recommends that Botox only is used when the benefits to the patient far outweigh any potential risk to the unborn fetus. No sufficient studies have been done on the practice of Botox during pregnancy, so there is not enough data for the FDA to approve Botox for use by pregnant patients. For this reason, caution is recommended.

Natural Beauty

Many pregnant women find that they do not need Botox treatments during pregnancy. Pregnancy fills out fine lines and tiny wrinkles. And it is true that pregnancy gives a woman a healthy and happy glow. This eliminates the need for botox. You can spend your time relaxing and nurturing the life growing inside you.

Post-Partum Botox Treatment

Once your baby is born, it is generally safe to resume your botox treatments. Unless you have other health complications, complications from pregnancy or childbirth, or your physician cautions against the practice, you can resume Botox treatments at any time after the birth of your child if you are planning on not breastfeeding. Again, not much is known about the effect of BOTOX treatments on babies that are breastfed, so if you are still breastfeeding, you may wish to further delay your BOTOX treatments until your child is fully weaned.

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