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Lip augmentation is currently one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures. However, as the procedure has gained prominence, there has been a backlash against results that are seen as obviously artificial and cosmetic. Most patients and doctors now prefer lip augmentation with naturalized results, and that’s where the “Russian lip tenting technique” comes in. 

The Russian lip tenting technique has been inspired by Russian supermodels and women who have full and voluminous lips—naturally. The Russian lip tenting technique aims to produce extra volume in the upper lips, lifting the curve of the white roll to provide a “canine arc” projection, i.e., a clear v-shaped dip at the center of the upper lip. 

The Russian lip tenting technique is a delicate procedure and is best handled by an expert aesthetician and injector. 

How is Russian lip tenting done?

The Russian lip tenting procedure's primary challenge is exposing the red mucosal region of the lips while elevating the white roll to create a sharp outline. Multiple injections of hyaluronic acid are delivered in small doses to prevent the dislocation of gel. 

The filler is always injected along the collagen-rich line to enhance the strength and sharpness of the white roll. Further, the injection strokes have to be deep to prevent the hyaluronic acid from being too visible.

While delivering the hyaluronic acid, the injector respects the natural differences and divisions between the upper and lower lips while simultaneously enhancing their unique features. Each stroke of hyaluronic acid contributes to making the white roll project outward without filling it, to produce the coveted tent-like shape.

Does the Russian lip tenting technique hurt?

No. The Russian lip tenting technique is typically pain-free as only one of the injections is delivered in the border, i.e., the more sensitive region of the lips. All other injection sites cause little to no sensation of pain or discomfort, ensuring a smooth and comfortable procedure. It’s best to avoid anesthesia because that may cause swelling that interferes with the precision of treatment results.

Am I a suitable candidate for Russian lip tenting?

The Russian lip tenting technique is suitable for anyone who wants a natural pair of full lips with sharply-defined contours. It works best when done on a clean canvas that hasn’t recently been addressed with other products. Thus, if you already have another filler, you’ll likely need to have it dissolved before proceeding with the lip tenting technique, at which point you would likely be a suitable candidate.

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