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If you’ve heard the term “Baby Botox” recently, you might be curious about what it actually means and if or how it might just bolster your beauty goals after all. Well, rest assured that despite its name, Baby Botox has nothing to do with babies. That said, “Baby Botox” is one of the latest trends in cosmetic injectables, and it’s likely to influence our relationship to Botox going forward. Here’s how:

1. Baby Botox is simply a mini-Botox with controlled doses

The term “Baby Botox” refers to the trend of using a lesser volume of Botox to treat wrinkles than the standard recommended level. If the recommended dosage for a particular area is typically 20 units, Baby Botox might provide just 10 units.

2. Baby Botox creates subtle changes to avoid looking “frozen” 

Baby Botox became a trend after plastic surgeons noted their patients often asked for half the recommended dosage because they feared looking frozen. These highly-customized micro-doses of Botox produce subtle and natural-looking results that don’t reveal signs of manipulation.

3. Baby Botox is ideal for forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines

Baby Botox is particularly suitable for treating horizontal forehead lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, and frown lines between the eyebrows. Injecting a standard volume of Botox in the forehead region risks weakening the frontalis muscle, possibly leading to drooping eyebrows over time. Baby Botox minimizes this risk and is suitable for crow’s feet because the regions around the eyes are particularly sensitive.

Baby Botox

4. Baby Botox takes a tailored approach to wrinkle treatments

Some patients are wary of standard Botox because of the risk of the dreaded “frozen” face or drooping eyebrows. However, that’s mostly an issue with technique rather than the Botox dosage itself. Reputable physicians and doctors customize each treatment plan to address the patient’s specific concerns, which several Botox providers don’t do. The Baby Botox trend was born out of a need for personalization. Each Baby Botox is perfectly calibrated to address your unique needs. The doctor may start with a lower dose and gradually increase the dose with successive treatments to ensure you always have subtle and naturalized results.

5. Baby Botox might be cheaper but isn’t always

Most patients assume Baby Botox will be cheaper than a standard Botox treatment since it uses less product. While that’s true and applicable with clinics whose costs of treatment are determined by the cost of the product. At other high-end centers, you pay for the doctor’s skill set as much as for the product itself. Thus, in some cases, the cost of a Baby Botox may be even higher than a standard Botox because it requires more personalization.

Laser Cliniqúe strives to meet or exceed our patient’s expectations in order to provide a perfectly calibrated regimen of Botox to produce the most natural and satisfactory results possible.

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