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The nose plays a big role in the appearance of the entire face. It is no surprise that many people who are unhappy with the appearance of the nose are interested in exploring all available treatment options. Some noses are crooked or asymmetrical, either from birth or due to a traumatic injury, or positioned off-center. Many patients come to us to resolve a visible bump on the bridge of their nose that detracts from their overall appearance, particularly the profile view. Nasal tips can be droopy or enlarged, or nostrils may be large, deformed, or unsightly, leading to significant embarrassment. Or perhaps it is difficult for you to identify exactly what you don’t like about your nose – you just know that you don’t like the way it looks, and you want to explore your options.

Some people also investigate various cosmetic nose surgeries for medical reasons such as deformed or oddly-shaped noses that impair breathing, or exacerbating allergies, asthma, sleep disorders, or other medical conditions.

Traditional Rhinoplasty vs. Non-Surgical Options

Traditional rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves creating an incision in the nose and then altering the structure of the cartilage and bone to achieve a more attractive size and shape. If extra cartilage is needed, it may be removed from the ear or rib cage prior to the surgery. Immediately after surgery, your nose will be packed with gauze and/or a splint to hold everything in place while it heals for several days. Initial swelling last several weeks, and bruising may persist for some time before the result is fully achieved.

For people who seek to cosmetically alter their nose but don’t want all the drawbacks, or the expense, of surgery, non-surgical rhinoplasty in San Diego (also called the “non-surgical nose job”) may be the best option. This involves reshaping the nose using dermal fillers rather than trimming or adding cartilage, and may also include the use of BOTOX or various other products to achieve the desired result. In addition to being non-invasive and therefore relatively risk-free, non-surgical nose jobs all but eliminate the need for downtime. Depending on the procedure performed, there may be some swelling, bruising, and tenderness in the nose and surrounding area, but with a non-surgical nose job, you can expect to see the results you want in as little as an hour after treatment.

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