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Remove unwanted Stretch Marks

People with stretch marks are often extremely frustrated because they have done everything “right,” taking all the proper actions to eliminate stretch marks like proper diet, toning exercises, and the application of topical creams -- but the stretch marks remain. Fortunately there are now some excellent options for the professional removal of stretch marks. Laser Cliniqúe’s founder and medical doctor, P. Alexander Ataii M.D., is a leader in the field of stretch mark removal and other skin enhancements.

What causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are essentially caused by the stretching of the skin, just as the name would imply. Pregnancy is a common time for stretch marks to happen, especially in the belly area since that is where the growing baby lives. Weight gain is another common cause of skin stretching, resulting in unsightly stretch marks.

There may also be a strong genetic component to stretch marks: If your mother has stretch marks, your chances of getting them are significantly increased.

Stretch mark removal at Laser Cliniqúe

Laser Cliniqúe has several effective solutions for the removal of stretch marks. P. Alexander Ataii M.D. and the Laser Cliniqúe staff can share before and after pictures of former patients, and former patient reviews are available. The reviews are quite positive, and most patients are genuinely amazed that an effective method to remove stretch marks exists.

The solution for your situation is largely dependent upon the type of stretch mark and the color. Stretch marks can range from white to pink to red or brown, but a solution is available for any type of stretch marks.

Some patients may have great results with the fractional laser resurfacing treatment: Active FX, while others may need a different approach. For example, patients with the more recently-formed reddish stretch marks may need IPL with Vibradermabrasion, while patients with darker skin will often get better results from Chemical Peels with Vibradermabrasion.

Stretch mark removal with Active FX

IPL Photorejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photorejuvenation, along with Vibradermabrasion, may be the best treatment option for recently-formed reddish stretch marks. IPL technology generates broad spectrum light waves that penetrate into the lower layers of the skin and change to heat energy below the surface. This beneficial heat energy stimulates collagen production and helps repair damaged skin.


Vibradermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that uses a patented vibrating surface to remove dead skin cells. It is a painless technique that can improve the appearance of stretch marks. Vibradermabrasion can be used in combination with IPL to treat stretch marks that are reddish in color.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments designed to eliminate imperfections of the skin and to improve its tone and texture. In combination with Vibradermabrasion, chemical peels can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks in patients with darker skin. A peel removes the outer layers of damaged skin and causes new healthy skin cells to be brought to the surface.

The Treatments We Offer For Stretch Mark Removal Are:

  1. Fractional laser resurfacing (Active FX)
  2. Photofractional resurfacing
  3. ResurFX
  4. Microneedling with PRP
  5. Microneedling
  6. Vibradermabrasion

Stretch Mark Removal Cost

The cost for removal of stretch marks vary by patient. Most patients need a series of 3 to 6 treatments for best results, but it all depends upon the depth of the stretch mark and skin color. Patients who want to visit a doctor and staff who are leaders in the field of stretch mark removal should consult with P. Alexander Ataii M.D. at Laser Cliniqúe today!

Stretch Mark Removal Demo

Meet Dr. Ataii

Medical Director of Laser Cliniqúe

P. Alexander Ataii M.D. is the Medical Director and Founder of Laser Cliniqúe in San Diego. He is a skilled skin care specialist who focuses on all aspects of the skin both diagnostic and cosmetic.

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