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Do you feel that your eyebrows are too thin? Do they have gaps or thinning areas within them that you would like filled in? Do you dream of having the lush, perfect brows that are so popular in the current culture? If you are currently using cosmetics to create thicker, more attractive brows, microblading might be just the answer you have been looking for.

What is microblading and how long do results last?

Microblading is a long-lasting cosmetic procedure, similar to tattooing, which can create a very natural-looking, well-defined eyebrow. Long used by women in Asia, microblading first appeared in the United States a few years ago and has been steadily gaining in popularity ever since.

The “instrument,” used in the procedure is called a “nanoblade.” It is made up of 12 to 15 extremely thin needles that contain a pigment. The basic technique consists of the aesthetician drawing tiny strokes, or cuts, that are so fine that they resemble hairs, directly onto the eyebrow area to deposit pigment into the top layers of skin. These strokes are delicate and carefully applied to simulate natural, individual hairs.

The difference between microblading and actual tattooing—and the reason the result does not last forever like a tattoo—is that the microblading needles penetrate only the top layers of the skin and do not reach the depth of a tattoo needle. Results are long-lasting, with retreatment only necessary after several years.

How to Prepare for Microblading

You will be provided with detailed pre-procedure instructions, and they will most likely consist of a set of “don’ts.” Avoiding certain actions will ensure the least discomfort and the greatest longevity of the procedure. The list of “don’ts” may include the following:

  • Avoid caffeinated beverages or alcohol on the day of the procedure.
  • Do not tint or color the brows prior to your procedure.
  • No tanning or sunbathing for three days before the procedure.
  • No waxing or plucking of the eyebrows within two days before the procedure.
  • No chemical peels or any other intense facial treatments for at least two to three weeks before the procedure.
  • Discontinuing any Retinol or and BOTOX treatments for at least one month before the procedure.
  • Stop taking any types of blood thinners at least one week before the procedure. This includes both natural blood thinners, such as vitamin E and fish oil, as well as over-the-counter pain relievers, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • Do not exercise the day of the procedure.

The only “do”: Ensure you wash and style your hair before undergoing the procedure, as getting the brows wet must be avoided for 7 to 10 days after microblading.

Results and Recovery

Immediately after the procedure your brows will look darker, and you may experience a little redness or swelling that quickly fades. There might also be a bit of scabbing, so it is best not to schedule a photoshoot or job interview for the first week or two after microblading. However, there is no downtime and you are free to return to work or other activities immediately after the procedure.

There may be some slight variations, but aftercare instructions typically include:

  • Keeping the brows away from water for 7–10 days, which means not taking long showers or swimming. However, the day after the treatment, you may be told to clean the eyebrows either with distilled water or occasionally be gently washed. If washed, lightly brush over the eyebrows with a fingertip dipped in antibacterial soap and water for about 10 seconds, rinse, then pat dry. We may request that you repeat this over the next few days.
  • Using a minimal amount of a recommended aftercare cream every four hours.
  • Avoiding putting makeup on the brow area while it is actively healing to keep the area as clean as possible.
  • Never touch or pick at the scabs to avoid any scarring.
  • Avoiding direct sunlight or tanning for at least four weeks after the procedure.
  • Do not use facial scrubs or peels for at least four weeks after the procedure.
  • Sleep on your back rather than your side for at least 10 days after the procedure.

It is normal to have a quick touch-up about four weeks after your microblading procedure. The brow look achieved is truly remarkable, appearing to be your natural brows. Imagine no more worry about filling in your brows with pencils, powders, brushes, or other brow treatments. They now look beautiful, natural, and lush and require no added cosmetics.

Why Choose Laser Cliniqúe for Microblading in San Diego?

Whenever there are needles involved, there is the risk of infection. Also, with results that can last up to three years, it is important to ensure that the practitioner is experienced and trained, specifically, in this technique.

Laser Cliniqúe can provide both the safe, pristine medical-spa environment and the high level of expertise and artistry that finally give you beautiful, natural-looking brows that frame your eyes in the most appealing way.

Meet Dr. Ataii

Medical Director of Laser Cliniqúe

P. Alexander Ataii M.D. is the Medical Director and Founder of Laser Cliniqúe in San Diego. He is a skilled skin care specialist who focuses on all aspects of the skin both diagnostic and cosmetic.

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