What is the Russian lip technique?

The Russian lip filler technique provides perfectly poised lips with a naturally accentuated cupid-s bow. Where classic lip filler results come from injecting fillers horizontally, the Russian lip filler technique injects vertically.

As for your results? Instead of having a widespread volume increase spanning the entire upper and lower lip, your lips will more closely resemble a perfectly painted Russian doll: The lips remaining perfectly proportional with the rest of your face, but that cupid’s bow is now looking fabulous.

The same fillers are used. It’s the finesse of technique that sets apart this famous new treatment that begets stunning results.

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Key benefits of the Russian lip technique

In addition to all of the classic benefits of lip fillers—from improved volume and accentuated curves—the Russian lip filler technique was a host of its own unique benefits including:

  • Accentuates the cupid’s bow
  • Provides the coveted heart-shaped lip look
  • Focuses on heightening the lips rather than increasing overall plumpness
  • Lasts just as long as traditional lip fillers

    Before & After

    What to expect during the treatment

    The Russian lip filler technique is performed right here in our San Diego practice. Dr. P. Alexander Ataii has perfected the craft and it takes but 30 to 60 minutes before you’re walking out with perfect lips.

    During your treatment, minute amounts of fillers are injected vertically into the lips in order to lift them just right without overly increasing their total volume. Filler placement is the most important part of the procedure, and it is done to subtly enhance the lips and give them a heart shape with additional center volume and a bit less volume at the edges.

    Downtime and results

    Achieving the unique look of the Russian lip treatment requires more time and more injections than traditional lip filler treatment. Smaller amounts of filler are used at each injection point, but a larger number of injections are required. This can lead to a bit more bruising and swelling than you might normally experience, but it tends to clear up quickly. Swelling and bruising are perfectly normal and only temporary.

    The results of your treatment will last anywhere from six to twelve months, depending upon how fast your body metabolizes the hyaluronic acid fillers used in the procedure.


    What fillers are used in the Russian lip technique?

    Fillers used in the technique can include either Restylane or Juvederm, both of which use a naturally occurring and fully biocompatible carbohydrate called hyaluronic acid.

    How many treatments will I need?

    The full effect of the treatment is gotten within one session. Additional treatments can be done to prolong the results.

    Who is a candidate for the Russian lip technique?

    Anyone who wants that unique and envied look of perfectly painted lips can benefit from the technique. If you have recently had dermal fillers and now desire to have the Russian lip technique, your existing fillers will need to be dissolved two weeks before your Russian lip filler treatment.

    Why choose Laser Clinique for the Russian lip filler technique?

    Laser Clinique is San Diego’s premier medspa for injectables and other minimally invasive non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Dr. Alexander Ataii and his expert team of injectors have done more than 30,000 injectable cosmetic treatments, and have perfected the art of the Russian lip technique.

    For nearly two decades, we have served the beautiful, beachy city of San Diego and its surrounding communities with a range of safe and effective surgical and non-surgical treatments that have helped people feel much more comfortable and confident in their own skin. If you’re in the San Diego area (or are planning to be) and are considering lip augmentation, we invite you to reach out to us! We look forward to serving you.


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