What is microblading?

Microblading is very similar to tattooing. It’s a long-lasting cosmetic procedure in which very natural-looking, well-defined eyebrows are created using a nanoblade — an instrument made up of 12-15 extremely thin needles that contain a pigment. This instrument is used to make tiny, stroke-like cuts (that are so fine that they resemble hairs) directly onto the eyebrow area to deposit pigment into the top layers of skin.

Microblading is different than a traditional tattoo in that the needles penetrate only the top layers of the skin, and don’t reach the depth of a tattoo needle. This is why touch-ups may be needed after several years.

Microblading vs. makeup and castor oil

Many individuals who are unhappy with their sparse, patchy eyebrows use makeup to fill them in. While this does work, makeup is obviously temporary, and many people would prefer a more permanent option. Others use serums such as castor oil to grow the eyebrows, but this method can be unsatisfactory (and messy). The oil will encourage brow growth, but still leaves some areas bare. It also takes months to begin working. Microblading offers an excellent alternative to both of these techniques. It’s long-lasting, works immediately, and fills in all areas.

Your microblading consultation

Dramatic, beautiful brows begin with a consultation. It’s during this initial meeting that the exact shape, size, and color of your eyebrows will be chosen. A wide range of pigments are available that can be mixed, blended, and customized to get just the right color to suit you. These decisions are based upon your preferences, as well as the expert opinion of the specialists at Laser Cliniqúe. The goal is to select what will result in the most natural look for your features and hair color. 

How to prepare for microblading

  • Discontinue any Retinol and/or Botox treatments for at least one month before your treatment
  • Do not undergo any chemical peels or other intense facial treatments for at least three weeks before your treatment
  • Discontinue the use of blood thinners (vitamin E, fish oil, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) at least one week before your treatment
  • Do not tint or color your brows before your procedure
  • Avoid tanning or sunbathing for three days before your treatment
  • Don’t wax or pluck your eyebrows for at least two days before your treatment
  • Avoid caffeine and/or alcohol on the day of your treatment
  • Do not exercise the day of your treatment
  • Wash your hair before treatment, because you won’t be able to get your eyebrows wet must for 7-10 days after treatment

The procedure

Before treatment, your specialist will apply a topical numbing agent to minimize discomfort. For most people, the procedure isn’t painful because the needles don’t penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. However, you may feel pressure from the needles and a scraping sensation. 

The precise shape of the pre-chosen brow will be drawn onto your face. Your specialist will know how to do this in the most natural-looking way possible, aligning the shape with the organic contour of your brow bone to beautifully suit your overall facial structure.

The drawing will be checked during treatment to ensure that your eyebrows will move appropriately when you make different facial expressions.

The depositing of the pigment is a very detailed process, and can take up to two hours depending upon size, shape, and thickness of the brows that have been chosen. It’s normal to have a quick touch-up about four weeks after your first microblading appointment. 

Results and recovery

Immediately after the microblading procedure, your brows will look very dark — almost too dark. This is temporary, and the pigment will fade. You may also experience a little redness or swelling, but this will also quickly fade. You may have some scabbing, which could last for up to two weeks. Other than these side effects, however, there is no downtime.

Aftercare instructions typically include:

  • Keeping the brows dry for 7-10 days (unless we instruct you otherwise for cleaning purposes)
  • Using a minimal amount of a recommended aftercare cream every four hours
  • Avoiding putting makeup on the brow area while it is healing 
  • Avoiding contact with the scabs to avoid scarring
  • Avoiding direct sunlight, tanning, facial scrubs, or peels for at least one month 
  • Sleeping on your back for at least 10 days after treatment

Why choose Laser Cliniqúe for microblading?

Imagine never having to worry about filling in your brows with pencils, powders, or brushes again — and instead simply having full, natural-looking brows that are always beautiful and ready. Laser Cliniqúe has been providing excellent service to patients since 2005, and offers both a safe, pristine medical spa environment and the high level of expertise and artistry that finally gives you beautiful, natural-looking brows that frame your eyes in the most appealing way. Founded by Dr. P. Alexander Ataii M.D. — winner of the Patients’ Choice Award from 2007-2020 — Laser Cliniqúe is ranked one of the top medical spas in San Diego County. We are proud to provide personalized care for each and every patient that walks through our door.


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