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The top layer of your skin is known as the epidermis. This layer of skin is exposed to the elements such as rays from the sun, wind, and toxins in the environment, all of which lead to dead skin cells, wrinkles and age spots. Microdermabrasion in San Diego is a common treatment used to remove the dead skin cells and reveal a healthy layer of skin. The treatment should be done in a microdermabrasion spa by a qualified aesthetician. The aesthetician uses a hand-held machine to apply small grains, typically crystals, to the skin and “buffs” away from the epidermis. As the machine is passed over the skin, it releases the granules and then sucks the crystals and dead skin cells back in the machine, revealing the second layer of skin which is healthier. For the best results, you would typically need a series of six treatments and each treatment cost between $100 -$150, depending on the spa.

Vibradermabrasion is a newer, more advanced treatment. Vibradermabrasion is a no-suction and crystal free microdermabrasion treatment. A vibradermabrasion procedure is done with paddle shaped vibrating tools that are “glided” over the skin. The vibradermabrasion tool provides a deeper exfoliation, without forcing the removal of the top layer of skin. The process is done by vibrations as opposed to “rubbing” or forcing the removal of dead cells, so there is less trauma to the skin, which also reduces the redness typically seen after a microdermabrasion treatment. For a pain-free way to help smooth fine lines, improve skin tone and texture and to help reduce acne and/or acne scarring, visit P. Alexander Ataii M.D. at the Laser Clinique in San Diego for a vibradermabrasion treatment.

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