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Wrinkles, Sagging and Thinning

Are you noticing the lines around your mouth growing deeper?  Do your hands appear twenty years older than you are? You are not seeing things; these are common signs of aging – and all of us experience them. The question becomes – do you want to do anything about it?

The good news is, you can.

Once you begin to notice features on your face and hands beginning to sag, you may also begin to consider your options to combat the signs of aging in a natural-looking way.

Rather than resorting immediately to plastic surgery, many of our San Diego clients – men and women – are choosing some of today’s most popular injectable dermal fillers to replenish the look of youthful skin.

The sagging skin and deep creasing are caused by the loss of volume due to aging. Fillers are temporary solutions that restore some of the volume, plumping the wrinkles and sagging.

One popular choice for our patients is Radiesse. Made of Calcium Hydroxylapatite, it immediately restores some volume to the skin, and also encourages production of your body’s own collagen production. You can expect the immediate results of Radiesse to last a year or longer.  With minimal side effects and downtime, patients typically return to their regular routine soon after treatment.

Not into pain? No problem. Radiesse can be mixed with lidocaine, making it a more comfortable experience.

With several filler choices available, a quick consultation is needed to help determine the best filler for you. Call us today to get started on your road to aging recovery.

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