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What is Belotero Balance?

Belotero Balance is unique dermal filler that can help to erase smile lines, wrinkles, and fine lines in hard to treat areas. One property of Belotero Balance is that it molds to the shape of your face. As a naturally occurring compound that is produced by your skin, the active ingredient offers patients a source of beauty that is both capable and delicate. Recovering the skin we had in our youth used to require plastic surgery. Today, people are able to look years younger without invasive surgery. Here are some of the benefits of using dermal filler.

Who should go for Belotero Balance Treatment?

For those people who want to recapture the youthful tone and structure of their face, Belotero Balance should be the first option to investigate. The effects of removing deep Nasolabial folds are astonishing. Doing so is like stepping back in time to a new you. The delicate, light, natural ability of this dermal filler is also very capable of removing fine lines that appear above our lip line. Removing both the deep laugh lines and the subtle, vertical fine lines above our lip is pretty much like taking ten years off your face without looking like you have had treatment.

If the idea of plastic surgery is not for you, or if you feel like you are too young for a surgical facelift, then dermal fillers may be the best solution for you. There is no reason to feel like you look old. Let the natural properties of Belotero Balance bring the youthful skin back to your face. With this dermal filler, there is no recovery time, and the results can last approximately six months or longer.

P. Alexander Ataii M.D. has performed over 15,000 injectable, facial treatments for wrinkles, fine lines, and beautification. If you have noticed that your laugh lines are no laughing matter or if those small lines above your lip line are too noticeable, then a dermal filler may be just what you need. A great feature of this dermal filler is that recovery time is minimal. It is also a less expensive than plastic surgery, and the results are immediate. The results of Belotero Balance last approximately six months. Results vary by patient, but most people who undergo dermal filler treatment go about their normal activities as soon as their session is over.

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