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Getting Rid of Those Summer Dark Spots

While basking in the sun and summertime activities like sailing and swimming are loads of fun, you can be left with some less-than-fun hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and sun spots. Fortunately, there are some skin rejuvenation treatments that can help with the aftermath. IPL Photorejuvenation IPL photorejuvenation is an innovative, non-invasive laser treatment that can help eliminate … Continue reading Getting Rid of Those Summer Dark Spots

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Why Not Use High SPF-Sunscreens

Sunscreens are intentionally designed to help prevent sun damaged skin, but studies have shown that when it comes to proper skin care, people may be using the wrong sunscreen. High SPF sunscreens are misleading, in that many people who use a higher SPF sunscreen are not receiving the protection they need. When a higher SPF … Continue reading Why Not Use High SPF-Sunscreens

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