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3 Biggest Tummy Problems

Every woman wants to look good in a swimsuit, whether it’s a sexy bikini or stylish one piece.  Eating right and working out can help with loose skin and fat bulges; there are some treatments that can get you the look you want quicker.  Most times eating healthy and exercising cannot deliver the results you’re … Continue reading 3 Biggest Tummy Problems

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Causes of Stretch Marks and How to Get Rid of Them

People in San Diego area often turn to cosmetic surgeons and beauty clinics for help with stretch marks removal. Stretch marks first show when the skin stretches quickly, such as during times of weight gain or during pregnancy. These unsightly scars occur when the dermis tears as the skin grows. Hormones and genetics can make … Continue reading Causes of Stretch Marks and How to Get Rid of Them

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Is Laser Stretch Mark Removal Safe and Effective?

Stretch marks for a young mother are a sign of motherhood. They also are an uncomfortable cosmetic reminder that most young women would rather live without. If you or someone you know is considering stretch mark removal you may want to consider the laser removal options that are available today. Laser treatments have been used … Continue reading Is Laser Stretch Mark Removal Safe and Effective?

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Stretch Mark Removal San Diego

Stretch marks are scars that line the skin when it stretches at an unusually fast rate. They occur in the dermis, the middle layer of the skin that is responsible for helping it retain its shape. These marks appear as lines with an off-color or red hue. They tend to be red when they first … Continue reading Stretch Mark Removal San Diego

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