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Many people are harboring myths about Botox treatments, and these people may act incredibly judgmental to people who have had those treatments. This has created a stigma around Botox. However, a great deal the information that created this stigma is simply mythical. Below, we look at some of the myths concerning Botox.

1. Botox is Toxic
Contrary to many popular beliefs, Botox is not toxic. It is based on the botulinum toxin which can cause food poisoning, but the injections use a purified form of botulinum toxin. This has been approved by the FDA, and according to many studies, it is safer than aspirin.

2. Botox Distorts Facial Expressions
Too many comedians and TV shows have focused on this joke. This may occur, but only if the injection is made in the wrong muscle or if too many Botox treatments are clustered together. To avoid this, you should always get treatments from a qualified doctor and never from a mall kiosk or a salon.

3. Botox Treatments are Addictive
Unfortunately, Botox treatments do not last forever. When someone gets their treatments, they will love how smooth and youthful their skin looks for three to four months. When the effects wear off, they may want to get another treatment. This does not mean that Botox is addictive any more than buying a new outfit when yours becomes old or boring means that shopping is addictive. Getting more Botox treatments after they have worn off is just like buying new face cream when your bottle is empty.

4. Botox is Painful
When Botox treatments are received from a qualified doctor, there is no pain involved.

5. Botox is for Older People
Botox treatments can be used by people of any age. In fact, when younger people turn to Botox treatments to help with their mimic lines, they will see greater success than older people because it is easier to treat skin that is still relatively smooth.

As you can see, most of the myths about Botox treatments are simply unwarranted. If you have additional questions, Contact us to speak with P. Alexander Ataii M.D. who specializes in Botox treatments.

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