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Aging causes the skin on the back of the hands to become thin and lose the plumpness and firmness, causing your hands to reveal the veins, tendons, bones, and wrinkles. This results in your hands giving away your age or even worse, aging you more. The hands are susceptible to harsh conditions on a daily basis but are often ignored when it comes to an anti-aging regiment. Hand cream only temporarily relieves dryness, but a treatment known as Radiesse can give you younger looking hands that last for 1-2 years following treatment.

Radiesse is a super quick and easy procedure that will almost instantly change the look of aging hands to younger, softer hands in minutes. Radiesse, a virtually painless, filler treatment should only be injected by a trained professional. The specialist will inject Radiesse into a few areas of the hands and then spread the formula through the skin to create a smooth, even surface on the backs of your hands. The entire procedure, for both hands, is done in less than 30 minutes but lasts for at least 18 months or longer.

A treatment with Radiesse will instantly replenish the volume and plump up the back of your hands, which provides a youthful and supple appearance. Once the injections are completed the Radiesse begins working to raise the skin hence the joints, tendons and veins are less prominent. Radiesse provides a base for building collagen, so your body’s natural collagen will blend with the Radiesse to keep your skin smooth and naturally soft.

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