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As you explore and consider alternatives for reducing fat, the Coolsculpting treatment should be one of the procedures on your list. This FDA approved technique has become a main staple in today’s cosmetic enhancement procedures with quick and permanent results for both women and men.

Why CoolSculpting?

There are a number of reasons why CoolSculpting may be the right choice for you:
• It’s a non-invasive procedure (non-surgical)
• It eliminates fat
• It does not interfere with your current activities
• There is no exercise required
• There is no diet required
• Long-lasting results
• It is cost effective
• Little to no side effects
• No scars

How long are the results?

Results may vary based on your treatment plan, but this procedure has proven to be a permanent and effective way to combat fat loss with proper maintenance.

How often can this be done?

Your treatment plan will be designed by a licensed physician after your initial consultation. CoolSculpting is a cost-conscious way to achieve the results you desire without having to go under the knife and is done in 60-minute increments. You can continue your daily routine right after your procedure.

The right alternative?

Many of our San Diego clients choose CoolSculpting as their alternative to cosmetic surgery. Your fat cells are frozen and eliminated through natural methods, which keeps the other tissue in your body healthy. You don’t have to worry about any other part of your body being affected or any incisions.

Laser Clinique is the ultimate medical spa and laser clinic with proven results in a variety of medical and cosmetic procedures. Some of our successes:

• 50,000 laser hair removal procedures in the past 8 years
• 15,000 botox cosmetic treatments
• 7,500 acne treatments
• 3,500 laser resurfacing procedures
• Preferred Crystal Practice for Coolsculpting procedure, meaning highest provider of Coolsculpting in San Diego and Orange County

You’ll be in the right hands to attain results that work. Love handles, problem thighs, stomach rolls and more can be safely removed without the assistance of invasive procedures. Remove that unwanted fat with a cost effective technique that is performed in a safe, non-threatening environment.

Contact Laser Clinique for a consultation to start the process of sculpting a new you!

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