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Do you have age spots? Actually, those little brown spots on your face, shoulders, and hands aren’t really caused by age, but from sun damage. True age spots, also called solar lentigines, are harmless, although they can be a nuisance. If you’d like to eliminate an unsightly age spot or brown patch, Laser-Clinique has treatment options just for you.


For less noticeable age spots, medications like retinoid and steroid creams can fade them over a period of months. As with all age spot treatments, you’ll need to be diligent with sun protection and broad-spectrum SPF products.

Laser therapy

Fractional resurfacing laser treatments, like our ActiveFX, treat age spots by destroying melanin-producing cells. Laser treatments take about 45 minutes and require about a week for the skin to fully recover. Treated skin is free from wrinkles, age spots, and discoloration—it looks fresh and youthful again. At Laser-Clinique, we offer several laser
treatments; Dt. Ataii will recommend the one that delivers the best results for you.


Unlike the minimally invasive lasers, microdermabrasion is a noninvasive treatment that buffs away the damaged surface layers of the skin, revealing the fresh, healthy blemish-free skin below. Our vibradermabrasion system is a fast, comfortable, crystal-free age spot treatment. For best results, five monthly treatments are recommended.

Chemical Peels

A medical-grade chemical peel works by deeply exfoliating and dissolving the damaged layers of skin. The damaged skin dissolves away, triggering a healing response in the body. Fresh, new skin forms on the treated area, giving you a healthy, glowing, and even complexion. Chemical peels are highly customized to treat your specific concerns, and recovery time can be as little as one or two days to as many as ten.

No matter which treatment you choose, remember to guard your skin against the sun to protect your skin’s glowing beauty—and to prevent age spots from recurring.

Don’t let age spots make you look your age. Schedule a consultation with P. Alexander Ataii M.D. or one of his caring consultants at Laser-Clinique San Diego to learn which treatment is right for you.

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