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The dictionary defines efficiency as “the extent to which time, effort or cost is well used for the intended task or purpose.”  Starvation diets, extreme exercise programs, and surgery used to be the only way to reduce fat but none of them is efficient – or very pleasant. Now there is a new, efficient way to reduce fat – Coolsculpting.

One can reduce fat efficiently by using Coolsculpting, a revolutionary approach that helps create the body you deserve and desire.  Physical activity and a sensible meal plan helped you peel off the pounds but no amount of diet and exercise lops off that muffin top or gets a grip on those love handles. You need the high-efficiency, fat reducing power of Coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting is an efficient approach to removing ugly fat from those areas of your body seemingly immune to diet and exercise. Coolsculpting works by targeting and freezing fat cells – they simply shrivel up for easy disposal from the body.

Efficient fat reduction – fast and easy

Coolsculpting is a very efficient procedure, lasting only about an hour per area. You will be in and out in about the same time as a trip to the gym or lunch at your local salad bar but the benefits of one session of Coolsculpting lasts forever.  You will probably start to see a difference the next day but a single Coolsculpting treatment continues to work for months, removing fat long after you have left the doctor’s office.

Coolsculpting is very efficient, targeting only fat cells. This advanced technology leaves nearby tissue and organs untouched. Other surgical or non-invasive treatments disturb these delicate tissues to increase your risk for complications. You do not need complications – you need results!

Your body recovers from Coolsculpting treatments almost immediately. Most people go right back to work or play without missing a beat as this technology allows for efficient results and recovery.

Coolsculpting even increases the efficiency of your current diet and exercise plan. You already eat right and exercise regularly, why not optimize these efforts with Coolsculpting? You will continue to lose unappealing fat even if you do not change the way you eat or increase the intensity or frequency of physical activity.

Reduce fat quickly and efficiently with Coolsculpting. Start by making an appointment today and enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary technology with the help of the renowned P. Alexander Ataii M.D.

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